Build 011

So now with Empire Deluxe we are turning the dial to eleven! Actually, this is quite a quiet release (hopefully) with some serious under the hood work.

Some more work went into trying to make the game less cpu intensive. However, this involves some serious changes and I did not want to risk the game's stability. So the new work has been presented as an option. In the Administration panel, you will find a CPU optimization option with a choice of “Original” vs “Experimental”.

Original is, of course, as it has been. If you have not been experiencing issues with CPU usage, you may try and see if you get better performance with the other option. This is the default option for the moment. You can always switch through the Administration screen.

Experimental is the new method, and I would be interested in feedback from those who have been tracking this issue. You will still get usage when forcing new map draws (moving the screen around), but when this is not happening the usage should lessen. If you find visual issues with this version, please let me know.

There were also a couple of trouble issues dealt with and some other minor changes. The full list of fixes/changes can be found here:

Hopefully after this version a corner has been turned and the game will begin moving towards its transition from Early Access to Full Release.


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Hi. I have not received an email from itch to update EDCE (still on original build). Pls provide a link, and simple/thorough steps to update with each new build. Thx.

There should be an indicator on the front screen that the game has an update available.  

The instruction for updating are here :

If you are a Kickstarter backer, you should  use the original link you were sent to access the files. Otherwise, they should be accessible through your itch account.