Build 18 Has Arrived!

It has been a while since I have been able to muster up enough time to get a build going. This addresses a lot of issues. One of the key ones is the “Classic AI” is not Enhanced Set ready, as it can now use submerged subs. So if you have used the classic in the enhanced set, stay a little more alert as the waters are no longer as safe as they used to be.

This version also has several bug fixes and minor enhancements. I want to thank everyone for their messages of support and bug reports. I really appreciate it. I hope you find this build enjoyable.

since it has been a while, so hopefully I did not miss a step and it all crashes and burns. If it does, we will put the fires out this month and release another patch. Send me an email.

For Steam people, updating should be easy. For itch folks, don't forget to check this thread:

Here is the full list of adjustments for Build 18:

Build 18

  • Rare Path situation does not consider no stack case with disastrous results
  • Upgraded To Unity 2017.4.40 (final Unity v2017 build): Please report any unusual issues
  • “won;t” spelling in smack AI
  • adding specific general name to ai options
  • ai options in old configs were out of date if changes were made
  • added generals file for external random general names . This is a text file with a general name on each line. A leading # will be a comment.
  • Moved immunity and new general hints into common part of ai players
  • number of neutral attackers incorrect in the default script. Check the line [SAI_NUM_NEUTRAL_ATTACKERS][2] is what it should be
  • entrenched units could move home/explore/patrol/morph under special circumstances
  • CR and BB were not properly Ranged Fire impacting city production. They do not damage efficiency, but they can disrupt and kill internal units. (Must start a new game)
  • LA could move combat cities and would always lose – now it cannot engage.
  • Be aware that unity does not play well with the citrix client
  • Map Description when applicable available in the game rules report
  • Scenario Description when applicable available in the game rules report
  • Expanded Rules Options Panel to two
  • Added “Remove Loser Units” game rules option
  • Default Production Alert option added in Misc
  • Added Reveal Map (and Cities) option for turn 1. This starts the game with just the map visible.
  • Added Reveal Owner Turn One – shows owner/capital info of reveal
  • annotated import will only appear when a file is in the export directory
  • fixed bug preventing air units from morphing in flight
  • Units can morph in host (In Host and Without Host options Added)
  • Enhanced AR can morph to IN in host (ours is not to question why)
  • Common Lib Get All Hosts was woefully inefficient
  • NameValuePairHint in common lib was busted
  • NameValuePairHint Display was not displaying properly on first view
  • Zoom caching added – with minimal success – better boost in Original CPU mode
  • Enhanced AI no does not purge production when immune to drain
  • Classic AI can now use submerged subs in Enhanced games.
  • Hotseat games could get locked up under certain race conditions
  • Added Visibility Square counts to map stats in editor
  • Classic AI can now handle Enhanced Unit Set
  • small spotting bug with units of different levels
  • open source now has VS2019 solution files for quick building

….and watch out for Santa Sarge, I hear he is still going to come this year.

Everyone stay safe!

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Got the update, added in StandardAI the missing bracket, and made one Enhanced match, everything seems working.

Thanks a lot Mok, 

Thank you, will be looking this over.

Thank you!

Thanks Mark, downloading now. Will give it a go.