2021 Holiday Season Is Here With Maps and Scenarios

and with that the holiday brings out Santa Sarge! Killer Bee Software's carefully crafted marketing tool.

I continue to maintain a fairly low profile. My time is still very limited due to several life events. Fortunately, Build 18 has turned out to be quite stable so I have not needed to patch up to a build 19.

Over the summer I did convert all of the stock scenarios from the 1993 Empire Deluxe and the scenario disk to the scenario/map download area. The conversion of these scenarios has been the number one ask from fans of the older versions. You can access these maps and scenarios from the “Maps/Scenarios” option off the main menu, then click on the button in the lower left corner for “UL/DL Maps and Scenarios” and peruse the Maps and Scenarios to download. The scenarios are stored under “OriginalScens”. But when you look at the different collections you will see there are many (over 100 I would say) maps and scenarios uploaded by fans of the game – thank you to all of you for these.

So in closing I would like to say I have been working on other designs in the Empire Deluxe style vein, but nothing of note yet and it will still be quite a while before I have the ability to focus on something new. But for now, I would like to wish you a happy holiday gaming season with Empire Deluxe and stay safe!

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Would love to see a remake of Starfleet and Starfleet II. Just a dream but would be great.....

Thanks Sarge!  Happy holidays.

In 'Help' section, the description of how use 'Map Labels' doesn't get me to the point of placing labels permanently on a map.  Strictly for scenarios?


Map Labels are a in game only feature I am afraid. 

I thought so.  I initially thought I was going about it the wrong way.  Thanks for all you do.  Have been playing since the 90's!!