It has been a very busy year for me. I don't like to put personal issues out there and want to say I am fine, but there were multiple personal life changing events that have occurred over the course of this year that caused a re-alignment of how my life is working in several ways.

Being a lone indie developer, this has a big impact. All these circumstances have unfortunately put a stop to development of further versions of EDCE for other platforms as well as designs for another Perfect General for the immediate moment. At a point in the future, these things may resume. Fortunately EDCE has been very stable and only a few minor issues have arisen since the last patch. I still have made time for support and make sure to answer emails and questions/potential issues with the game, so please don't hesitate to contact me. We are moving on looking forward to the next 50 years!

It has been brought to my attention that Steam is reporting on the store page that EDCE “is not compatible with MacOS 10.15 Catalina”. But this is not true...It does, in fact, work, but apparently Apple may have a process/application that is trying to block you from starting your game because it is not a registered application with Apple. My personal thanks to those that pointed this out. What a brave new world we live in.

A common current critique of the game is the original scenarios/maps have not bee provided. Though there are converters and the older maps are online, I understand the desire to have them already converted. I hope to at some point do this, and that may be a good sign my head is coming back up above water.

So with the thankful season coming, I am thankful for getting through this year and thankful for EDCE being enjoyed by many of you. Make sure you and your family do stay safe – and Santa sarge says get in a few games of Empire Deluxe along the way.

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