First Version Of The Manual Released

Thank you all of you with itch that have supported the game thus far.  The  first version of the manual has been added to your account.  

It has been a busy week as I prepare to begin testing for Kickstarter Backers wanting to dive into the fray.   I have an early version of the manual ready for the test, which I have uploaded for itch users. 

The manual is publicly accessible here:

And keep an eye on this section in general as more files and such should be popping up:

In other news, Matt Barton of Matt Chat has completed his three part interview with original designer/developer Mark Baldwin.  These will be episode #s    384,     385,    and   386 . If you have not checked  Matt's channel out, you should!



Empire Deluxe Combined Edition Manual - PDF 2 MB
Sep 10, 2017

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