Welcome To Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

Welcome to Empire Deluxe Combined Edition. This game has finished a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Through to about the end of November, 2017, it will be in closed beta testing and possible some EA. More Information on that will be forthcoming.

If you are curious about the game, I would recommend you read through the many updates posted during the Kickstarter campaign. They hold a lot of information about the game and its features. They can be accessed here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1696861912/empire-deluxe-combined-edition/updates

Of note would be

  • #1 Some game streams by Das Tactics
  • #2 Unit Descriptions
  • #5 Game Rules and Victory Conditions
  • #6 Game Setup
  • #10 Combat Concepts
  • #11 Construction, Production and Supply Details
  • #12 The Production Dialog
  • #13 Orbital Units
  • #15 Interface Review
  • #17 AI Info and Common Source Code
  • #18 AI Development Details
  • #19 World Building Development Details
  • #20 Scenario Editor
  • #22 Extra Modding Capabilities
  • #23 Email Walk-through

Streams of the game by the developer (me) can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/mokkbs

Again more information will come. Thank you for your consideration.


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23NOV2017 .. Paid my money plus an extra for developement .. But I am failing to see where the EDCE is downloadable. Is in not down loadable yet as still being developed or in my olf age missed a button somewhere to down load this game. No Problems if still being developed as I am sure being the grandchild of EMPIRE DELUXW MASTERS EDITION it will be well worth waiting for.

Ron from Adelaide South Australia... 

any other Aussie players out there??

Hi Ron,

We are super close to release, but not quite there yet. We are talking days at this point. You are now on the list,

Thanks mate.... another question with we be able to use UltraDB on EDCE?? No hurry, as EDEE never ever wears out for me..

Ultra is a mod and therefore not under my control. You will have to see what the author plans. I had made a few code adjustments for Ultra in EDEE, so it could be a slow process if it were to happen as EDCE does have a few differences in that regard. 

Spirko's "Speed Mod" is currently in the beta  - I think he has added a few units. That mod has mostly fit well into the game without radical changes.  Had to fix a few things in regards to it. 

The philosophy towards mods is essentially everything is exposed, and whether or not it works like you would like is another matter. However, I can be approached with proposed changes and if I deem then not to be too much of a code risk and they do not violate any sacred game rules/mechanics, I can try to get them in. Most mod change requests that come about occur because there is some assumption in the code that needs to be a setting instead...so many changes are possible.

G'day there. It's not downloadable yet, it's still being play tested (but it is very close to completion according to Mark)

Here's the link to download it when it's released, 


I'm a South Aussie.

Cheers David

Salisbury here... we need to talk over a meal at St Kilda Pub and talk tactics (my wife will be bored but I will give her 10 $1.00 coins and she can amuse herself!!

Funny huh! What are the odds of us both being South Aussies?,

This new version will be amazing. I've been playing EDEE all day and some of the new features would save a ton of time.

Especially - Wait 1, Last unit activated and the map scrolling/zooming revamp.