Fileshare In Action

Today I will treat you to my action-packed, superbly narrated and obviously well prepared demo of sending fileshare turns.

Be aware that I play BOTH sides of the game in the demo, but I wanted to make sure you saw how it behaves. So when you watch it, makes sure you think about if from either position 1's perspective, or position 2. When you get you hands on this, do not register a position you do not intend to play. Remember - do as I say, not as I do. ;>

Beyond some other minor repairs, the only other real tricky thing about this update is that it will be an upgrade of the Unity Engine from version 5.3 to a version they are calling “2017”. There were some minor issues that cropped up due to this, but I believe they have all been squashed.

Right now I feel baring any horrific discovery this will be out before the end of October. I am very excited to get this to you, as when I am testing it it does take out the hassles associated with email play. Even as I am writing and preparing this blog post, I am able to quickly turn around two turns with someone testing it. It is my hope those of you that already PvP will find this a helpful solution and those that have yet to try it may begin to dabble.


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