Two Cities and a Temperate Climate

As you may know, Empire Deluxe Combined Edition allows you to change the graphics of the game. Instructions on how to do this are included in the manual. Here are some player made graphics that have recently come out:

There is Daron Ryan's city set.

Faunce's city set which lights up when hosting.

And there is the Temperate Terrain Set from WW2 Weasel, who also has a mod he is working on.

These sets can be found on the graphics directory off of

These do have to be placed in the appropriate directory structure within the game, so definitely check the manual section on how to add these modifications.

Do you have graphics you are using? If so, please share them.

Build 10 is in the works, but holding out to see if any issues are going to arise. If things remain calm, it will probably be released next week. It does have a couple of new things, most notably is it will add the ability to command an engineer to lay mines or build roads in multiple locations.


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