A Few More Real World Oriented Maps

I have uploaded three more maps from the old Empire Deluxe map collection. Most of these were originally created a long while back, and though city efficiency ratios probably need to be changed, the geography is still good. I do not know the original authors of these maps, except the Asian map has the markings of 'Che', who was Steve Barker.

These are:

  • An Asian Map – mainly focused on the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan
  • A Map Of North America
  • A Map Of Europe

These three maps are now online accessible from within the game. To grab them, on the map editor screen, look for the upload/download button in the lower left.

I think real world maps are often fun to play on, as are random world and symmetrical maps. If you have a map you would really enjoy, even if it was just a random build map, you should consider uploading it for others to enjoy!

As with almost all other legacy maps, those maps were most likely carefully entered into the '93 Empire Deluxe map editor by hand. As you may know, there is a lot about the game that is open. With the Combined Edition version of the game I wanted the map file format to be text based to give enterprising cartographers with technical skills the ability to possibly generate maps from other data sources. The format for the map file is online,


So if you are of that sort, I believe these could put your data into the map format in a fairly straight forward manner. If you do, I would love to hear about it.


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