Build 009

Build #09 is now live. For me this is a great build, as it not only fixes several odd issues and bugs, but it has the two big feature additions that I think are going to be awesome: A central location for unit set modification assets and Map/Scn file sharing within the game.

For the assets, I have worked with and looked over some of the needs for Unit Set modders, and hopefully the assets folders will help them spread their work. If you have an existing mod, the assets folder will be magically created for you with the appropriate sub directories when you start the game. It is then up to you to move the extra images and other assets to the folder.

When it is time for you to send someone your mod, you should send both the mod file and the directory in a zip. The receiver should put these in there own <Game Data Directory>/udb directory. I have seen spaceships, insects, tanks, troops and other creations and new assets. I now would like to encourage Mod developers to share your creations with the Empire Deluxe world. They are really fascinating.

And of course now we have Map/Scn sharing. Right now this is pretty much virgin territory, as I have submitted three maps, two of which you have already seen (the two world maps). I also added Che's ABBA map from the Empire Deluxe days. Now it is up to you, those that want to share maps and scenarios, the community. So make a creator name for yourself, and send us some things.

The little hidden feature I mentioned in the last blog was a way to automatically have a city apply surplus supply towards its current production (cannot be used to raise efficiency). So if you use supply to speed up your production, now set up your supply lines, check a box and go.

Also note that the Network Protocol version for the game is now at “1”. if you play via network, make sure you have the latest version to avoid issues.

The entire list of patch notes are here:

AI Source code will be getting an update today as well. It would be great to see some AI projects. If anyone is working one and has comments or questions, let me know.

So if you have a cool map, scenario, or if you have been working with a mod, please post about it and share it with us! I can't wait to see what comes up.


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AI source code updated: