Build 007

Build #07 is now live. This is not a very large set of changes, and it is addressing some minor issues that have surfaced. Patch notes here:

With this build, I believe a good level of stability has been reached. I want to thank people that have taken the time to report issues to me for their eye for detail and patience. The game is better for it.

I can now begin to address some requests that players have made to help the game. However, with the holidays upon us, I will try my best to not do any development activity until the new year. It is very hard to step back, but also important so that I can take a fresh look on what can be done and what needs to be done, as well as what's next.

This does not mean I will not be present in the forums, not post any more announcements, or will not answer your emails. It only means you should not expect a build 008 for the remainder of this year unless something that completely bugs me comes up. Development requires a good amount of focus time and that will most likely be in short supply for me next week.

I hope you find some time to enjoy the game over the holiday season.


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