Build 003

Build 03 has been released. This build only addresses some problematic issues that were raised since the game was released Tuesday. These were:

  • Transports could load units that were dug-in.
  • Expanding Player would try to build Fighters when playing with the Basic Set
  • Some platforms would fail trying to send email
  • SSL emailing was not correct.

I have received some additional features from some users, and these have been placed on a list for evaluation. I am waiting for the smoke to clear before doing that.

I am extremely happy with this game and have received a great deal of mail from people telling me they are happy with it as well. It is very addicting and I have to pull myself away testing the build 03 release so that I can get it to everyone. ;>

So enjoy!

For those lurking about, be aware that the discount period is going to end shortly after this weekend.


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